Jane Lander

At its core Jane Birdsall-Lander’s art investigates the relationship between language and object.  As it’s evolved, her work ranges from small scale fetish-like figures accompanied by poems, to large scale installations of poetry and objects, to wall panels meditating on the evolution of the modern alphabet, to her most recent sculptural pieces that are both ideas and primordial forms. 

Birdsall-Lander says she intends for this last series titled Bound Alphabet “…to evoke a primitive communicative sense somewhere between music and poetry.”  Though deeply considered on a conceptual level Birdsall-Lander’s art is at the same time elegant and seamlessly crafted.  She states, “I’m a maker of things…and at the same time I’m fascinated by language-both its graphic forms and its metaphoric sense.  I like to make things that at some level speak to the human condition.  As Victor Hugo writes …human society, the world, the whole of mankind is in the alphabet.  The alphabet is a source.”

Birdsall-Lander received a Project Room Grant from the Forum for Contemporary Art now the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis among other honors.  She has taught art and supervised teachers in public school settings, given workshops, worked in museum education and was instrumental in developing several interdisciplinary public art curricula that are national models. 

She has an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and has master’s degrees from Washington University and Webster University both in St. Louis.  She is a full time studio artist and is active in the non-for-profit arts sector in St. Louis, Missouri where she lives with her husband Robert Lander.