Pubic Art Curriculum Kit Projects

After completing an innovative community arts training program I set out to find a way to produce a free educational resource focused on St. Louis’ public art that is placed within the Metro St. Louis area.

By enlisting the involvement of teachers, community leaders, and non-profit arts entities throughout the Metro area a consortium of ten organizations was formed to fund, write and to produce a comprehensive interdisciplinary public art curriculum.

As the co-author and project manager of the St. Louis Public Art Curriculum Kit ( STLPACK) I was encouraged by the positive response to the Kit and went on to write and to project manage the St. Louis Arts in Transit Curriculum Kit project.  Supported by local and national grants, it is a companion piece to the STLPACK and features public art throughout the St. Louis Metro Transit system.

The Kits’ interdisciplinary inquiry-based approach to learning about art engages students in practicing the following skills: giving evidence, hypothesizing, making connections, generating multiple interpretations, understanding various points of view, sequencing, using all senses in thorough observation, research, writing and art, music, dance and drama production.